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Race Like we do.

Maybe you are a devoted athlete, training for improved times. Or, maybe you are looking for a goal to achieve together with friends. That is why most of us are here. At trisport we love good ol'competition. But there is a reason we have this race.

Here is a story from Mark Mico, About why he is here, working to put on events.

Kim Mico

In 2010 I went for a foothills trail run to clear my head, as I had to delivery the eulogy for a very special person at a memorial service in a few hours. About 1/2 through the run tripped over a rock and face-planted onto the trail - a beauty, scorpion- style (legs try to pass the head!). . . I swore I heard my sister Kim's laughter as I lay there (just as she would have) and I thought about how tough she was, and how a tough run in these foothills would be a cool remembrance of her stamina and determination to live happy through all of the obstacles in her life's trail. That was the morning of my sister's memorial service

On Feb 21, 2010 my best friend and sister Kim died after complications from pancreas and kidney transplant operation. A few days later the Dirty Half and 10k was born that morning in one minute and will continue on as long as you all come out, have fun and challenge yourselves with it.
Is the course challenging - hell yes! Will it ever be a big event run with mudholes, shock wires and junk cars? Hell no! This beautiful trail run is a celebration and symbol of Kim's life, of your life, of all of us WHO CAN. A small trail run event to run for whomever you want and help the UNM Ski team who will be out helping you the day of the race!
And if you do go down or get cactus'ed in the butt, and hear a snicker or giggle in the breeze. . it is probably Kim:)
Portion of Funds will be donated to the UNM Ski Team.


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