Tri Sport Coaching

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Main programs

Coaching options

Below are our most common programs, and we also work with you to tailor programs specifically for your needs.

Our training

You set your goal, we provide you with tools to acheive it

Tri Sport Coaching offers comprehensive endurance coaching, covering training for specific events like an Ironman or a first time triathlon, to sub-disciplines of each sport like marathon or open-water swim clinics. We specialize in individualized multisport training and can customize any program to fit your goals: swim lessons, triathlon specific, running, weight loss etc. We also provide group training.

Athlete lab testing

We can offer you testing of your VO2 max and other measures of your current physical health.

Find your goal

Aiming for your first triathlon, or to qualify for World Championchips in triathlon? Searching for new sports and exercises to reach your health and wellness goals? Given your life schedule, we will help you with your training and race preparation.