Tri Sport Coaching

Main programs

Coaching options

Below are our most common programs, and we also work with you to tailor programs specifically for your needs.

Design Your Own Plan

If the standard plans (Swim, Premium, Sport and Internet) do not fit your needs, we can build you any type of program based entirely on your requirements. Any program can be matched to your goals in any discipline from personal fitness to triathlon and tailored precisely for your needs. Triathlon, functional training, running, swimming, cycling, bike fit, etc., - in clinic form or single individual sessions. Want to only test your VO2 Max, or have an underwater video session? Anything you want to target, just contact us and we'll work with you to set up whatever you need from 1 to 100 - we can help you meet and achieve any goal. Examples:

  • VO2 Max & Lactate Threshold, Max HR testing at an Exercise Physiology Lab.
  • 1 & 2 day swim clinics limited to 20 to keep the elements of individualized instruction, w/under video equipment exactly like the Olympic Training Center
  • Open water clinics
  • Full Triathlon workshops covering everything from mass starts w/2000 swimmers to race day nutrition, building your own training plans and more!
  • Have a small group training for their first triathlon? - we can give 1/2 or full day clinics that help you reach those goals with confidence, from training smarter in less time to proper recovery after workouts.
  • 5k's to Marathon - we can give you the professional gait analysis on video that will help you run more efficiently with less chance of injury

Please email us at to discuss your goals, and to get more information!