Tri Sport Coaching

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Main programs

Coaching options

Below are our most common programs, and we also work with you to tailor programs specifically for your needs.

The Internet Plan

The Internet Coaching Performance Plan is an e-mail plan that is affordable yet comprehensive, including a combination of structured personal training schedules and feedback via email with Coach Mico. It is for the serious athlete who wants the very best coaching available but does not want one-on-one training. The internet plan includes:

  • Initial consultation (phone or in person) to discuss your goals and other training
  • Detailed schedule sent to you every month
  • Strength training recommendations included in overall training schedule
  • Email interaction to discuss your training progress and related matters
  • Equipment evaluation and recommendations
  • Pre-race consultations to discuss race strategy and preparation

Cost: $79.00 per month - 3 months initial & month to month after.