Tri Sport Coaching

Race for your health

Maybe you are a devoted athlete, training for improved times. Or, maybe you are looking for a goal to achieve together with friends.

Setting a goal like finishing a triathlon helps many of us to get going with our wellness goals. Join us with a group of friends as a team in a triathlon, or participate as an individual athlete.

Next upcoming race: Dirty Half Marathon and Dirty Lil' 10K


In 2014, Dirty Half Marathon and Dirty Lil' 10K will be in its 5th year! This year's obstical is a little know mountain, us Burquenos Call the Sandias. We here at trisport don't think we need to dig holes, fill them up with water, and then shock you to get you feeling accomplished, we think it is easier to put you on the side of a mountian and fight your way to some good old fashioned New Mexican Breakfast Burritos. For the real animals, you asked for it, we are even going to provide Vegan Breakfast Burritos.

You are in good hands

Our race directors strive to make the races special and safe events for you.

Tri Sport events are insured by a private insurance company as well as some sanctioning bodies. Our race directors constantly continue education and training for safe and quality management of our events. We hold professional certifications in risk management, event management, emergency action planning, safety training and more from the FEMA, University of New Mexico Sports Administration Graduate Program as well as the Department of Homeland Security. Our first job to you, is to work to ensure the safety of all participants. And we cannot do it without some great folks including the volunteers, many trained and certified as well - be sure to say thank you to our and your volunteers helping all of us during the events!

Tri Sport races

Tri Sport Coaching arrange a few local events each year, including sprint triathlons and trail runs: